Imre Sooaar wants to help Estonia grow bigger in the world. An Estonia, where every Estonian citizen can become part of this growth. He wants to help to develop entrepreneurship, improve the well-being and give confidence to the people in the future and to unite Estonia. Since childhood, Imre has been striving for the best. He can not look away when he sees that he can help. Imre wants all Estonian citizens to have confidence in the future. Some people call it politics, but Imre sees this as a way to improve the world.

Imre is not taking part in the election for the Parliament for financial gain. His sincere desire is to introduce entrepreneurial thinking on Toompea hill and make more connections between politicians and real life. He is an entrepreneur who has created new life values ​​and believes, he can help the government with his ideas and experience.

According to Imre, the Parliament should include not only lawyers or professional politicians, but there must be representatives from all different backgrounds of the society. Politics needs above all those who have sufficient work experience and life experience in their field, for a greater sense of responsibility towards society.


Imre believes that one of the best qualities of his personality is an understanding and ability to work with people from different walks of life and parts of the world. That is why he set himself the goal of creating Global Estonia, a global network of Estonian citizens, which could help improve Estonia’s reputation in the world and contribute to the growth of Estonia’s economy.

He wants everyone to have equal opportunities in our country and not to be left behind. It is for Estonia to be tolerant, person-oriented, successful and an European country, but also the life in Estonia to be favorable for the whole of Estonian people. He wants Estonia to be united and not leave anyone unnoticed.


Over the past two decades, Imre worked as an entrepreneur and created several hundred jobs and two brands that have gained international recognition. For example, the estate Pädaste was recognized by the Estonian Association of Travel Companies as the best travel company of the year. When Imre does something, he does it till the end. Known as an entrepreneur and developer of the island of Muhu, Imre was born in Tallinn and studied there at two universities. He has been living in the city for twelve years and knows what people are waiting for in the town centre and in the Pirita and Lasnamäe districts.


Imre admits that he does not know well how to rest, because time is short, but when he is resting, he prefers an active holiday. Once his desire was to learn how to fly a plane and he graduated from flight school. Imre is a good skier, traveler and diver. As the owner of the top restaurant Alexander, which for years has been recognized as one of the best in Estonia, his activities include cooking, thanks to his experience in this business, Imre also produces food products.

The most significant achievement in Imres life, is the revival of the run-down estate complex in Muhu. Pädaste Manor has become a world-famous brand, the only five-star hotel in the countryside of the Baltic region. Imre gives work and the opportunity to earn money to many people on Muhu and in Tallinn. In November 2018, the hotel was selected into 100 best hotels in the world. Sooaar has been involved in charity for many years.

He helped hearing-impaired children and also organized charity events in support of music education for the youngsters. He believes that sharing with those who have less than the others makes us richer spiritually. After studying cultural project management at Tallinn University, he traveled around the world and lived in Toronto, where he founded Giant Productions, a movie production company in Canada. In total, Sooaar has produced over 100 different commercials, documentaries and films.


Imre believes that the happiness of people, in addition to the material well-being is joy in life and peace of mind. Imre's biggest hobby and vocation is music. He graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater with a master’s degree. His main achievement in this field has been writing of the artistic concept and opening music of the National Song and Dance Festival. In addition, Imre has written songs for Eurovision and for many well known Estonian artists. He is  also known as a successful composer for advertising and film. Several well know Estonian brands use his theme-songs.


Imre is an Estonian patriot and he believes that our country will grow and prosper if all citizens in this country have confidence in each other and our politicians. He believes that only a dedicated, caring and hardworking and open-minded Estonian people will move our country forward.