I tried to do things right since childhood.  I remember one of the teachers at school who took advantage of the girls in our class, long before #metoo era. I gathered signatures of the whole class and went to the principal’s office with a petition to remove the teacher from our school. At the time it was outrageous. Then there were no student-governance or anybody who would protect our rights. I was threatened with KGB and nearly expelled from our school, but fortunately we had a wise principal. Harassing teacher got fired. This was my first political victory.

I've never been willing to give up easily, without trying my best to succeed.  I've always done everything in my life with my heart, whatever I do. I've been away now from the national politics for some years, but today I see that society is being torn appart by extreme opinions, evil and blind powers. This is a threat to our country's survival. That's why I can't stand on a sideline and I do want to help with my experience and advice. That is why I decided to run for the Estonian Parliament again.

"I've always done everything in my life with my heart, whatever I do."

 It depends on the people we choose to run our parliament which direction our country is heading. The current parliament has about one third of it's members of whom most Estonian people have never heard about, neither have people heard about their achievements in the society nor in politics. I sincerely believe that people should choose individual candidates for their personal beliefs and what they stand for and not simply elect for a political party. In that way you have the opportunity to decide personally what will be the new composition of our Parliament, also on the individual member level.

Secondly, I sincerely believe that Jüri Ratas is today the strongest candidate for Prime Minister. He cares about his team and he cares about Estonia. He has dignity and statesmanship, he embraces change and is not stuck in the past with his team or people around him. 

He has declared zero tolerance for corruption, both in his own party and throughout Estonia and he acts on it. He has publicly pledged to stand for a new political culture inside his party, that is respectful and is not mocking and overbearing like some other parties tend to be.

What Jüri has promised is also important to me. I have had it with the cynical and superficial politicians who just walk over people. I am grateful to Jüri for inviting me to join his team on the ballot list. However, I'm not going to change any of the principles that matter to me in life. I will stand in the team of Jüri Ratas for everything I have always stood for and want to help him to renew the Center Party.

I believe that entrepreneurship is the engine of Estonia's success. I have created hundreds of new jobs over the past few decades and developed well-known brands with the aim of helping Estonia to succeed. I am standing for that we all do well and not just a few of us.

"Most of today's parliamentarians have never created any new jobs themselves."

With the strong economy, wages and pensions are also growing. Only through economic growth the state budget will grow and help to finance education, increase pensions, reduce waiting lists in hospitals and build new roads and infrastructure. 

I want to put my long-term experience in the private sector into our politics. Unfortunately, in our parliament this entrepreneurial experience is scarce today. Most of today's parliamentarians have no entrepreneurial experience and have not created any new jobs themselves. I believe that our Parliament really needs people with real life experience. I would like to work with all my heart and dedicate myself to ensure that our citizens have confidence in the future and that no one is left alone with their concerns.

Some say we have first and second, wealthy and underprivileged, own and theirs, Estonian-speaking and non-Estonian, old-fashioned and innovators, believers and atheists, heteros and others, left-handed and right handed, redheads and curly ones .... I say they are all our people! No one should be left behind and no one should be hurt.



Thank you for trusting me, respected voter!

With kind regards,